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Living with MPNs Day - Saturday 18th November 2017 in London


Recent scientific advances in MPNs - Prof Adam Mead discusses his presentation

Highlights from the Living with MPNs Day - Prof Claire Harrison shares her highlights

Treating with Ruxolitinib - Prof Claire Harrison discusses treating patients with Ruxolitinib

Working with your healthcare team - Theresa Peters, Macmillan Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist discusses the importance of working with your healthcare team

How MPN patients and researchers are working together - Prof Ruben Mesa discusses the partnership between patients and the research community

Insights from the myelofibrosis (MF) discussion session - Prof Ruben Mesa shares insights from the discussion

Personal highlights about the day - Prof Ruben Mesa shares his personal highlights about the Living with MPNs day

Who are MPN Voice? - Nona Baker, MPN Voice, provides an introduction to MPN Voice, its activities and the impact it has on patients

Where will we be in 5 years? - Prof Mary Frances McMullin discusses how the diagnostic processes will develop over the next 5 years 

What have we learned from the MOSAICC Study so far - Prof Mary Frances McMullin provides an update of the study, looking into the epidemiology of MPNs

Advice for fellow patients - Emily Bainbridge, patient speaker, shares her advice to other MPN patients 

The importance of community support - Emily Bainbridge, patient speaker, discusses the importance of having the support of the patient community

Emily's SCT story - Emily Bainbridge, patient speaker, shares the story of her MPN diagnoses, her treatment journey and how this has impacted her life

Treating with Hydroxycarbamide/Hydroxyurea - Prof Claire Harrison discusses Hydroxycarbamide/Hydroxyurea in the treatment of ET and PV, including the side effects

Eleanor's PV story - Eleanor, patient speaker, shares her PV diagnosis, treatment journey and how her life has been impacted

Positive impact of MPN Voice - Eleanor, patient speaker, explains how MPN Voice has positively impacted on her life

Eleanor's fundraising challenge - Eleanor, patient speaker, is challenging herself with a 50 mile swim to raise funds for MPN Voice 

Presentations from the Living with MPNs Day - Saturday 18th November 2017

Recent scientific advances, including CRISPR - Prof Adam Mead 

How do we assess prognosis in MPN - Prof Allesandro M Vannucchi 

Bone marrow: what's in it and how does it work - Dr Bridget Wilkins

MAJIC trial update - Chris Russon, patient speaker

Future plans for MPN care and trials in the UK - Prof Claire Harrison

Patient journey of PV - Eleanor, patient speaker

Patient journey of SCT - Emily Bainbridge, patient speaker

MOSAICC trial update - Prof Mary Frances McMullin

MPN Voice fundraising - Maz Campbell-Drew, MPN Voice 

What does MPN Voice do? - Nona Baker, MPN Voice 

What I learned from my patients with MPN - Prof Ruben Mesa 

Getting the most from your healthcare team - Theresa Peters, Macmillan Haematology CNS

Patient and disease related risk factors for thrombosis - Prof Tiziano Barbui

Living with MPNs - clinician and patient panel discussion - a lively discussion with patients in the audience and online audience and clinicians