Design your own event

Your fundraising event can be small or big, as all fundraising adds up to make a huge difference for all of us with our rare blood cancers, myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs).

If you don’t want to participate in a fundraising event organized by MPN Voice, you can still do your own thing!

If you would like to organize your own event, or take part in an event organized by Charity Challenge, here is some information to help you plan your event.

Charity challenge events

MPN Voice is working together with the UK fundraising challenge operator Charity Challenge. Charity Challenge can help you organise the MPN Voice fundraising event of your dreams.

Charity Challenge organise more international challenges, and have raised funds for more charities than any other company worldwide! Through them we can offer organised treks, bike rides, mountain climbs, rafting, sky-diving and community challenges in more than 30 countries worldwide.

There are so many reasons why people just like you take on a charity challenge:

  • Getting fit and losing weight
  • Visiting a new country and experiencing new cultures
  • Enjoying an activity in a totally different environment
  • Meeting like-minded people

And most importantly to raise much needed funds for a charity close to your heart. What better way to set yourself some new goals!

Details of events will be published on the Events page. If you would like an information pack please email

Doing Your Own Thing - Tips for successful fundraising

Planning or leading a fundraising event? These tips can help make it a success.

  1. Always work towards a goal
    A fundraising goal is essential to get and keep you motivated! This will not only enable you to work out how many people to contact about sponsorship, it will also help you decide whether you might need to take part in more than one event. Always aim for a total financial goal that is bigger than you first think you can manage, people are generous and want to give and you’ll be surprised how much comes flooding in!
  2. Plan your activity/event
    Even the simplest activities need some planning and preparation and it always takes longer than you think. Don’t do it all yourself, ask for help.
    Venue – consider what you will need and can afford.
    Date – Watch out for other things that might clash with your event and choose a time that will suit family and friends/work colleagues.
    Who will come - consider who your event will be targeted at.
    Budget – make sure your costs are covered and be realistic on what you can raise.
    Local business sponsorship/donations – See if you can get things donated by local companies, for example your venue, raffle prizes, food and drink.
    Paper sponsorship forms – sponsorship forms are included in the Fundraising Pack, to request a pack email
    Online giving with Just Giving – There are lots of advantages to setting up a fundraising page. (see below)
  3. Use the power of the web
    There are several easy-to-use websites which support giving. Most of our fundraisers use and our logo and information is already available on Just Giving’s list of registered charities. With very easy step-by-step instructions you can’t go wrong! Money donated on your page is taken from the donors’ bank accounts immediately so you don’t need to do any chasing. You reach friends, family and colleagues easily and you can cast your net really wide.
  4. Start with family and friends
    When asking for sponsorship, always begin with the people who know you best. It looks great to start with some healthy donations on your form or web page, plus it’ll get others following suit. This can only help you reach your target faster!
  5. Challenge yourself – but have fun!
    Fundraising is a great opportunity to set and reach a personal goal, but it’s got to be fun otherwise you won’t want to do it! Choose an event that sounds like fun to you.
  6. Work on your own, or as a team
    Really think this one through. It might feel as though it’s easier to do something on your own because it will be less complex. But working, training and celebrating as a team can boost your adrenaline. What’s more, the more people on your team, the more money you’ll raise for MPN Voice!
  7. Get the word out
    You are doing an amazing thing in supporting MPN Voice. Tell everyone you know what you’re doing and why! Make a list of why, what, where, when and then spread the word to your family, friends, schools, colleagues and local press. They can all help. If you need assistance with press contacts, please email us at
  8. Ask your employer
    Employers often match sponsorship totals; it’s always worth asking and it might double your total for MPN Voice!
  9. Just add a tick
    Do your sponsors pay UK tax? If they do, they can tick the Gift Aid box on your sponsorship form and MPN Voice can claim back 25p in each £1 donated. That is a massive gift from the government so let’s make sure we claim it! It doesn’t cost your donors anything at all and all we need is their name, home address and postcode to be able to claim their Gift Aid donation.
  10. Go for it!
    Once you have decided on what you’re going to do, how, when, where and with whom, the most important thing to do is to have fun, enjoy the experience of fundraising and taking part in something special. You really are doing it for MPN Voice and ultimately for yourself. Very soon you will be able to say you’ve done something incredible! You can do it, so go for it!

If you need information, ideas, support, literature, and promotional materials such as t-shirts and hats for your event, please contact us at

Don’t forget to send us the money you have raised. You can make a donation online using your credit or debit card, or if you prefer you can send a cheque made payable to:

MPN Voice Fund 580

and post to:

MPN Voice
c/o Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity
Fundraising Office
22 Kingsway
London WC2B 6LE

Thank you for all you do or plan to do to help us in reaching more people affected by MPNs and don’t forget to send us pictures and let us know how you did!