I am 40 with two small children.  I was diagnosed  in autumn 2013 after a portal vein thrombosis, which in itself was scary.  After referral to a haematologist and a bone marrow biopsy, I was told that I had essential thrombocythaemia and was JAK 2 positive.

At the time, it was TRULY AWFUL!. Your mortality stares you right in the face.  I was very lucky to have plenty of the '3F's'; family, friends, and my faith.

What I've learnt over the last nine months is that you do go beyond being defined by your condition.  It takes time and is a process just like any other.  Don't beat yourself up about it, just give yourself lots of time to absorb it all.  Every day is a step beyond diagnosis.

I am now taking Pegasys, which I'm finding psychologically better than hydroxycarbamide; let's face it, chemotherapy is a brutal word.

Lastly, I'm very lucky to have been pointed towards Professor  Harrison and her team.  The haematology department at Guy's is like a little oasis in a big scary hospital!

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