Samuel Beevor

15 March 2016

The 2015 Virgin London Marathon weekend was poignant for me, I spent most of the weekend reading the information about ET on the MPN Voice website, I had suffered two mini-strokes in quick succession at the age of 30.  I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythaemia. 

I was reading up on my impending (and now past) switch from Anagrelide to Interferon,
I was stunned and I am not too proud to admit that I was scared.  But by the end of that weekend my resolve to secure a place in the 2016 marathon was renewed to a new level, and I knew exactly who I would be doing it for and whose vest I would be wearing as I run up the Mall in April this year.

On discovering the news that my condition was technically cancer I reassessed the situation, I identified my information gaps and I sought to close them so that I could then undertake an informed course of action.  MPN voice serviced almost all of the information I needed right then.  Knowledge.  Well crafted, well based and crucially exceptionally well presented information, this is why I must do everything I can to support its important and valued work.

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